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Are you taking your first steps in to considering a home renovation – Not quite sure where to start but have some ideas on what you would like to do? Whether opening up the backyard, creating an open plan kitchen, living or dining area, or adding a first floor, Precision Planning holds the experience and expertise to develop detailed and distinctive building plans for your project.

Sydney is a unique area, with a very rich history resulting in unique localised controls, and we can help you with all the behind the scenes things you need to do for your renovation, like perfecting a floor plan design and submitting a development application package to your local council. Not everyone is a fan of the tedious paperwork and research involved for a home extension or building design – so why not let us do it for you? We prepare and assist with the full ‘basic checklist’ of items required for a Development Application to be lodged (NB: Excludes specialist reports, like an Arboricultural/Tree Report). Check out some of our Development Applications below!

We know that development and renovations throughout Sydney can be difficult, especially if this is your first renovation. Every Council and every project is different, and you can count on our team to review the design and planning requirements for your project and home renovation. For example, if your property is heritage-listed, or in a heritage conservation area, we know the process required to ensure a smooth building design and DA process.


Services for Extensions and Renovations

Precision Planning works closely with you to ensure a positive building design and approval process is experienced for your renovation. Our process includes:

  • Meet-and-greet (depending on scope and location)
  • Design Briefing, Consultation and Sketches
  • Floor Plans
  • Proposed 3D model (with an IOS or Android app that lets you view it on your tablet device!)
  • Complete ‘Development Application’ or ‘Complying Development’ Building Plan Set

Our experience extends significantly in to:

  • Custom New Houses
  • Ground Floor Alterations and Additions
  • First Floor Addition (New Second Storey)
  • Dual-Occupancies
  • Terrace Dwellings
  • Semi-Detached Dwellings
  • Heritage Conservation Areas
  • Complying Developments
  • Commercial Fit-Outs

Precision Planning takes extreme pride in the quality, calibre and production value of our architectural design and building plans, and overall service. There is a strong investment in to the time required to produce a functional design, and to evolve the design into useable DA and construction-ready plans.

Get in contact with us now & be sure to provide enough information so we can address your queries efficiently!