Why Do You Need Professional Drafting Services for Constructing a Sydney Home?

It’s always nice to come home to a place that you can truly call your own. If you are planning to build your dream home in Sydney, you probably will not want your house to look like others in your neighbourhood. You want your home to look unique and elegant. This is where the services of home drafting companies come in.


Getting all your ideas on paper can be very challenging especially if you don’t have a background in home design. All your ideas need to be drawn as blueprints to give your architectural contractor specific instructions on how to build your home according your requirements. Hiring the services of draftsmen is an efficient and affordable way of transforming all your ideas to reality.


The Function of a Draftsperson


A draftsman or a draftsperson is a professional that makes use of the tools of their trade to draw or sketch home designs. Drafting companies are the agencies you need to contact if you are looking to construct a house with a customised design.


Architectural drafting involves the use of computer-aided design or CAD in the creation of a home design. They are mainly responsible for producing technical sketches and drawings that will be used by contractors in the construction of residential homes. Draftsmen are also tasked to create drawings of circuitry and mechanical designs for homes. In addition to drawings, draftsmen are responsible for listing down technical specifications, measurements, and procedures, too.


The Benefits of Hiring a Draftsman


It is a lot more cost-effective to hire the services of drafting companies if your aim is to build less-complex home construction projects such as home additions or renovations. You do not need an architect to provide you with CADs if you have a limited budget for your home construction project. Hiring professional and seasoned draftsmen is more affordable and can provide you with the same output as architects.


Now that you have a clear understanding of what a draftsman can do, you will be able to make an informed decision on which professional service you need to hire once you’re ready to start that dream house construction or home renovation project in the future.


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The Importance of House Plans for First Floor Additions

Many homeowners pass up the opportunity of obtaining house plans from professional drafting service. Translating your dream home into reality takes more than calling a contractor to begin construction. In any type of improvement project such as major construction to simple home extension efforts such as first floor additions, it is crucial to have a detailed and accurate draft plan in place. A well-planned home addition project makes everything faster and more economical for homeowners, too.


A good home extensions plan can be the difference between a project that only takes weeks to complete and jobs  that may potentially be delay the for months.  Without a plan, homeowners are at risk of spending more than the original budget. If you have a fixed budget and cannot compromise on the move-in date, your construction endeavor really needs to start with getting a  drafting service company  like precision planning to help you create a solid plan.


What are the requirements for first floor additions according to precision planning:


Before any construction , there are a few things that homeowners need to furnish. It’s best to take note of these aspects so your home addition or home extension  goes smoothly and is within budget.


A good and well-organised home additions plan should feature the following:


  • Drainage layout for the first floor
  • Scaled working plan with floor levels identified
  • Elevations
  • Roof plans for both bungalow and bi-level home additions
  • Cross sections of home layout
  • Electrical circuitry plans
  • Floor plan
  • Joinery plan


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Top 2 Tips for Homeowners Planning Second Storey Additions in Sydney

A second storey addition need not be a challenging task for homeowners like you. If you plan to complete a major home improvement such as 2nd storey additions to your Sydney home, you can call on the expertise of seasoned designers and builders to complete the project quickly and within budget.


Why do you need a second storey addition to your Sydney home?


The main aim for most home additions in Sydney is to improve the look and function. By adding more vertical space, you and your loved ones have more opportunities to expand the utility of your home. In addition, it greatly increases the value of their residential property. Selling a home with a newly built second storey at the price you want will be easier, especially when the home renovations are done with the help of expert designers in Sydney.


When you are in the process of selecting designers and professional contractors for your home renovations, here are some tips to follow:


  • Choose a Registered and Licensed company


Choose a company that specialises in the planning, design, and production of residential homes. In addition, make sure that the company you plan on working with is a registered business and has certifications from certified professional design organisations.


Registered and duly certified companies mean that you are guaranteed with quality designs.


  • Hassle-Free Second Storey Additions


From the planning, strategising designing, securing of permits, to the execution of a home renovation plan, a home renovations consultancy should be able to manage and complete tasks in an efficient and speedy manner. A constructions planning company with years of experience and expertise will execute all home renovation tasks with ease and utmost efficiency, thus relieving you, the homeowner, of the stress associated with home renovation activities.


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3 Tips to Choose Home Interior Designers in Sydney

Creating beautiful interiors that are comfortable and functional isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are professionals that can take your ideas and make them a reality. Sydney has a teeming pool of talented interior designers with an impressive portfolio of new home designs that are refreshing, unique, and beautiful.

So what should you look for when choosing a Sydney-based interior designer?

Here are some useful tips:

  • Good Listening Skills

A good and skilled interior designer listens to their clients.

Remember that it is your home, so you need to have a final say on how it will turn out. An interior designer who listens and respects all your ideas and decisions will bring you the perfect representation of how your home should look and feel like after construction.

  • Goes above and beyond their job

Of course, you cannot expect all interior designers in Sydney to cater to all your needs. But if you’re lucky, there are also professionals that can help you process some paperwork for construction and with the securing of permits. It’s also best to be working with interior designers who have the right connections and referrals. The connections and referrals of suppliers and tradesmen will definitely save you time and money.

  • Has verifiable credentials

Home construction is undoubtedly a big investment. To make sure that your hard-earned money is going to be well taken care of, make sure that all professionals you deal with, including interior designers, are legitimate professionals in their chosen industry. Check their credentials by asking for certifications, licenses, and diploma certificates if necessary. An experienced and skilled interior designer based in Sydney will not hesitate to provide references of past clients.

You may also check out online reviews and testimonials before striking an agreement with an interior designer. Once credentials are verified, you can then proceed to planning the design of your home.

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Choosing a Building Design Professional in Sydney

Home design is one of the most important elements in the construction of a new home. Most homeowners would agree that creating a design for a new home can be both rewarding and stressful. That’s where building designers can help. You may already have several design ideas for your home, but the execution should be entrusted to skilled professionals who specialise in the design of custom homes in Sydney.


How to choose a building designer for your Sydney home?

Picking out a designer is an undeniably important decision that you need to make before the start of a construction project. The building designer that you decide to work with, as well as the decisions that you make along the way, will clearly reflect the outcome of your home and the overall cost of building your dream house.


Why should house design be handled by professional building designers?

House design is a complex endeavour as it includes several procedures. Building custom designed homes is not only limited to drawings and drafts, but also involves  an outstanding amount of documentation just in the securing of approvals and liaison with multiple consultants.


New houses, homes and building design services in Sydney from a reputable company includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Guiding homeowners and developers through the design process
  • Helping homeowners in choosing the best consultants to work with
  • Assist in the application and submission of development approvals 
  • Make the necessary arrangements and prepare documentation needed by your council or certifier

How to choose a professional Building Designer in Sydney?

It’s best to do your own research for a home designer based in Sydney. Ask family and friends who may know home designers or may have obtained their services recently. Precision Planning offers a free initial consultation. When choosing a design professional, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Your brief (what do you want to do?)
  • Identify all elements that are important for your home such as:
    • Materials used
    • Heating and air conditioning needs
    • Sunlight and ventilation
    • Sustainability features (usually undertaken under the BASIX Assessment)
    • Functionality and versatility of your home
    • Privacy and ventilation features


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Draftsman: Building Designer vs. Architect

In Sydney, before any construction, you must start with a design idea and prepare professionally drawn plans for submission to an Approval Authority (Council or Certifier). For additions or renovations to your existing residential property, a DIY sketch simply isn’t enough. You will need to hire a skilled designer or draftsperson to get the job done right. How important are building designers in the planning and construction of your home? Are drafting services really worth the cost?  


Why is architectural drafting important in Sydney residential projects?

Before any construction work can commence, homeowners are required to secure an approval form their local city council. In order to get a building or development approval, there needs to be professionally drawn plans that your builder or contractors will follow. The main function of professional draftsmen is to create and draw plans for homeowners that are legible and concise.

Draftsmen and building designers, such as our team at Precision Planning, are professionals with in depth design and drafting knowledge, skills, and qualifications. They are focused on the creation of building and design plans for residential projects (big and small!). Technologies such as Computer Aided Design [or CAD]are commonly utilised to render drawings that are not just aesthetically attractive but adhere to building codes, controls and standards set by all of Sydney’s local councils. Whether you’re in Inner West Council, Hornsby Shire Council, Northern Beaches Council, Willoughby Council, City of Ryde Council, City of Canada Bay Council, Sydney Council — ANY of the Sydney metropolitan councils — Precision Planning has you covered!


What is the difference between an architect and a building designer?

The main difference between architects and draftsmen is educational background. Architects have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and are duly licensed to practice their field. On the other hand, draftsmen are professionals who underwent an undergraduate or diploma course with a focus on technical drafting and building design. Building Designers can be just as qualified as an architect with membership and accreditation from the Building Designers Association (BDA) of Australia.


Why should you hire a draftsman for your Sydney residential project?

It is a requirement to hire a qualified designer and draftsman if you are about to embark on a major construction project. Even small home additions and renovations will require professional drafting services to be obtained by homeowners.  Contractors will not proceed with building your home without a professionally drawn plan in place – and approved. A well designed and prepared plan also ensures that the home your are about to build conforms with existing Australian building codes and standards.

Obtaining the services of a designer and draftsman from a reputable Sydney based drafting company in will save you money. By presenting your builder with a precise plan, delays and unnecessary costs can be avoided altogether.


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