The Importance of House Plans for First Floor Additions

Many homeowners pass up the opportunity of obtaining house plans from professional drafting service. Translating your dream home into reality takes more than calling a contractor to begin construction. In any type of improvement project such as major construction to simple home extension efforts such as first floor additions, it is crucial to have a detailed and accurate draft plan in place. A well-planned home addition project makes everything faster and more economical for homeowners, too.


A good home extensions plan can be the difference between a project that only takes weeks to complete and jobs  that may potentially be delay the for months.  Without a plan, homeowners are at risk of spending more than the original budget. If you have a fixed budget and cannot compromise on the move-in date, your construction endeavor really needs to start with getting a  drafting service company  like precision planning to help you create a solid plan.


What are the requirements for first floor additions according to precision planning:


Before any construction , there are a few things that homeowners need to furnish. It’s best to take note of these aspects so your home addition or home extension  goes smoothly and is within budget.


A good and well-organised home additions plan should feature the following:


  • Drainage layout for the first floor
  • Scaled working plan with floor levels identified
  • Elevations
  • Roof plans for both bungalow and bi-level home additions
  • Cross sections of home layout
  • Electrical circuitry plans
  • Floor plan
  • Joinery plan


Precision planning can help you create a tailored home improvement plan in order to make your construction process easy and smooth. To know more about home additions, design and the other services we offer, click here. For enquiries, you may call us on 02 8937 3199.